Better Than A Finger Massager

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  • 5 in. long vibrator
  • Parody of candy bar
  • Smooth, hard plastic
  • One AA battery (not incl.)
  • Hot facts
    Is there a technological replacement for everything these days? Yes, including both the finger and the candy bar, now together in one clever package. Actually its not a finger, its "Better than any Finger," and it makes a perfect "throw it in your purse and forget about it until it comes in handy later" item. Just the kind of Over the Hill gift that will get a little giggle when it’s opened, and giant "Thank You!" later.

    Item Description

    Fingers can accomplish many tasks very well. For example, pointing without a finger is, well, pointless. Nostril excavations require the delicate touch of a sensitive probe. And they may call it counting on your hands but, without fingers, it's hard to get past two. There's also the activity called "fingering," which usually calls for a wiggly digit or two. But what if there were something better than a finger, say a product called the "Better than any Finger Slimline Massager"? And what if it were packaged in a brown plastic wrapper that made it look like a famous "finger" candy bar? Wouldn’t that be great fun?