Stud Undies - For a Manly Man

Over The Hill

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  • 100% polyester material
  • Elastic trim around waste, leg holes
  • One size fits most
  • 26 inch penis holder sewn in
  • Hot facts
    Underwear isn't always the best party gift but this is the exception. Give Stud Undies to an old guy at an Over the Hill party and you will outdo every other gift he gets. Be sure he opens the box at the party and lets the 26-inch penis pouch unfurl to the floor. Even the largest penis on record (13.5 inches long) will not look so impressive once it's encased in Stud Undies.

    Item Description

    Do you know someone whose penis is more than two feet long? Or someone who acts like they're packing a two-footer? Either way, Stud Undies is the perfect gift. Finally, a schlong of epic proportions does not need to be tucked into the main section of the underpants, where it must fight with pubes and pubic hair for a little breathing room. When the guest of honor unfurls his new pair of Stud Undies at his Over the Hill party, that's the cue for gasps of admiration from the adoring crowd.