Edible Undies (Mens)

Over The Hill

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  • Strawberry chocolate flavor
  • Includes edible tie strings
  • More gag gift than a practical item
  • Dissolves in water or excessive moisture
  • Hot facts
    An Over the Hill party is incomplete without a gift that is both tasteless and "tasty," all at the same time! Edible Undies tell the world that the receiver is never too old to enjoy the kind of sexual foreplay that the rest of us don't even want to even imagine. Tie the edible strings loosely to avoid breaking.

    Item Description
    What could be more impractically sexy than actually eating a lover’s underpants, chewing your way to the promised land? Edible Undies turns fantasy into reality. Well, not real reality, just the gag gift version. We can’t recommend actually eating these chemically constructed, strawberry-chocolate flavored briefs. But it's up to you whether you relay that advice to the recipient.