Silver 50th Birthday beads

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The Silver 50th Birthday Beads from make a great accessory for the birthday boy or girl to wear - in case they forgot how old they're turning!
Hot facts
  • Silver 50th Birthday Beads
  • A metallic beaded necklace
  • Features several bright pendants that say "50"

  • Item Description

    What? You’re turning 50? Oh, that’s not so old. That just means you’re mature, aged like a fine wine. You shouldn’t be ashamed of it; if anything, you should be proud of the accomplishment! And what better way to proclaim your pride for the world to see than with a string of flashy silver beads with that magic number plastered all over them?

    The Silver 50th Birthday Beads are a beaded necklace with one large and four small pendants, each of which say “50” in big purple letters on a yellow and orange background. Yes, that will make your age stand out quite a bit, but there’s nothing wrong with that! Let people read it on your necklace rather than trying to read it on your face. And hey, maybe it’ll even net you some free drinks from bartenders who feel sorry for you, “old timer!”

    One beaded necklace.