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The Go Girl - So She Can Stand Up & Pee

The Go Girl - So She Can Stand Up & Pee

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Free Gift With Every OrderThe Go Girl - So She Can Stand Up & PeeThe Go Girl - So She Can Stand Up & Pee
The Go Girl is a reusable female urination device that allows her to pee standing up. Fulfill one of her lifetime dreams with this gift from OverTheHill.com.
Hot Facts
  • The Go Girl
  • A female urination device
  • Allows you to easily pee standing up
Item Description
Does it seem like its a little late in life to learn new tricks? No way! It's time the birthday girl learned the ultimate power move: peeing standing up!

I mean, think about it: sometimes it's rough being a girl. Not only do women get paid less, they get to do fun things like bleed profusely once a month, give birth, and deal with weirdo hormones that make them cry during toilet paper commercials. What really sucks about being a girl, though, beyond all of these other trivial things? Well, that they can't pee standing up. Duh.

Enter the Go Girl, a Female Urination Device that allows her to pee standing up. The Go Girl comes in handy on many occasions. Don't want to sit down in the Porti-Potti? Use the Go Girl. Don't want to squat down while camping or hiking? The Go Girl is perfect for that too. Traveling, boating, concerts, sporting events: The Go Girl makes peeing easy, so you don't have to deal with disgusting or nonexistent bathrooms.

The Go Girl is made of hygienic silicone, and is easy to wash. It comes with a storage case, baggie, instructions and tissue.

The Go Girl is surprisingly easy to use. It's flexible and will conform to any woman's shape. 1 Go Girl Female Urination Device.

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